Nevada ACTE Awards

NACTE Awards

NACTE Student Achievement Award

The NACTE Student Achievement Award is awarded to one student in each CTSO based on the criteria of the individual CTSO. Nevada ACTE is excited to present the award at each CTSO’s state conference.

NACTE Member Awards

Do you know someone whose hard work and dedication to career and technical education should be recognized? Should your own efforts in CTE be honored? The Nevada Association for Career and Technical Education is currently accepting applications for this year’s state awards ranging from the ACTE Teacher of the Year to the Career and Guidance Award. To be considered as an award recipient, please complete your own online application or encourage a colleague to complete one.

There are seven member awards available: ACTE Teacher of the Year, ACTE Career Guidance Award, ACTE Postsecondary Teacher of the Year, ACTE Administrator of the Year, ACTE New Teacher of the Year, ACTE Carl Perkins Community Service Award, and ACTE Lifetime Achievement Award.

NACTE Non-Member Awards

The ACTE Image Awards recognize groups and individuals from the education, business and industry communities that enhance career and technical education by contributing to the improvement, promotion, development and progress of CTE. Individuals or entities (from within or outside ACTE) that have contributed to the success and promotion of CTE, thereby positively impacting the image of CTE, are eligible recipients of these awards.  While there is no membership eligibility restriction for applicants, all must be nominated by an ACTE member. 


There are three Image Awards: ACTE Business Leader of the Year, ACTE Business of the Year, ACTE Champion of the Year


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