CTE Month-Recognize an Educator or Student

February is CTE Month!

You can celebrate CTE Month with students and professionals in your community by spreading the word about the classroom innovators that have made an impact on you!  Click here to recognize a CTE innovator throughout the month of February.


FEBRUARY 29, 2016
Alexis Tudor – Student, CCSD: Advanced Technologies Academy

“Alexis Tudor has brought together a large group of students for a long running project using computer science. Using the computer language Swift, Alexis has led a team to make a program that will be of great use to computer science students once it is completed.”


FEBRUARY 28, 2016
Bruce Ellithorpe
 – Educator, CCSD: Advanced Technologies Academy

“Mr. Ellithorpe toiled over numerous lessons in order to bring the best possible learning experiences to us as students. He taught us multiple languages, including C++ and Visual Basic, as well as encouraged us to expand our knowledge bases by learning new languages. I feel profoundly impacted by the quality level of education I received, and feel especially thankful for the freedom with which we were allowed to learn and grow as programmers.”


FEBRUARY 27, 2016
Roger Mayo – Educator, CCSD: Advanced Technologies Academy

“Mr. Mayo creates on a daily basis, an environment where his students are encouraged to grow not only as students, but as individuals with integrity and honesty. From the starting classes, to the highest ones, Mr. Mayo has taught me much about how to program and how to be a professional in the industry, and as a result I will graduate ahead of many of my peers with the knowledge he provided for my fellow classmates and me.”


FEBRUARY 26, 2016
Craig Statucki – Educator, CCSD: Southwest Career and Technical Academy

“As Southwest Career and Technical Academy’s Community Partnership Coordinator, Craig Statucki spends countless hours coordinating activities between the school’s eleven program areas and their respective industry partners.  He provides campus tours to industry members, fellow educators and dignitaries, monitors the student internship program and participates in recruiting activities for prospective students. In addition, as Nevada ACTE’s Past-President and Executive Director, Craig helps organize the association’s summer conference, attends National Policy Seminars and advocates to legislators the importance of CTE. In addition to his regular duties, he somehow finds time to stay on top of the latest technology tools.”


FEBRUARY 25, 2016
Richard Knoeppel – Educator, CCSD: Advanced Technologies Academy

“Richard’s students have won numerous national awards, including beating top ranked university teams in architectural design competitions. Richard is truly deserving and is too humble to ever seek the spotlight. It’s time to showcase some truly outstanding CCSD CTE teachers.”


FEBRUARY 24, 2016
Ed Shortsleeve – Educator, CCSD: Northwest Career and Technical Academy

“NWCTA is grateful to have a seasoned chef at NWCTA.  Chef Shortsleeve joined the culinary team last February and has made an impact on students with his knowledge, quiet demeanor, and professionalism.  He teaches classes at night at the Art Institute in which he has seen many students graduate and become successful in the culinary field.’”

Brynne McMurray – Clark County

“Brynne won an FFA belt buckle at Clark County Junior Livestock Show for her detailed record keeping on her lamb and goat supervised agricultural experience projects.”


FEBRUARY 23, 2016
Gary Archambeault – Educator, CCSD

“Gary Archambeault for recognition over the past three years in the Real World Design Challenge (RWDC). The results are in for the 2015 RWDC National Championship. With the addition of teams from outside the United States, including China for FY 2016, this competition has evolved into a World Championship. ‘This year’s winners of the National Championship Best/Creative Presentation award. Their Presentation was the best in the entire competition!’”

Cheyenne High School CyberPatriot Teams – CCSD: Cheyenne High School

“All four of Cheyenne High School’s CyberPatriot teams qualified during the State Round to compete in the Regional Round.”


FEBRUARY 22, 2016
Robin Jay – Industry Guest Speaker: Author, Filmmaker, Coach

“Robin Jay is an award winning author and filmmaker, speaker, publisher and coach. She has been featured internationally on MSNBC-TV, Newsweek Magazine, the BBC, CNN, the New York Times, the London Financial Times, and Forbes.com, and other well recognized media outlets. Robin is the author of the award winning book, “The Art of the Business Lunch.”

Robin delivered her presentation to Culinary, Engineering, Hospitality, and invited guests today at the Northwest Career and Technical Academy.  Over 160 attendees had a a buffet breakfast prepared by the culinary program.  Chef Klafter-Phillips, Chef Shortsleeve, Chef Columbo, and Chef Hitchins orchestrated students in preparation, service, and breakdown of the event so the Culinary Seniors could attend.”


FEBRUARY 21, 2016

Jill Buntrock – Educator, CCSD: Northwest Career and Technical Academy

“Jill has taken on the new roll of the Career Center at NWCTA.  She is busy getting junior students on to Ed Ready in preparation for the ACT on March 1st.  Her main goal is to be available to assist the students in their journey in high school and beyond.  Having Jill is a great asset to our school and we are grateful for the administration and CTE in affording us this center.  Congratulations Jill.”


FEBRUARY 20, 2016
John Ventura – Educator, CSN: College of Southern Nevada

“John Ventura is the program director of the automotive and diesel technology program at CSN.  He has been active in having CSN automotive students become successful as highly qualified technicians.  In addition, he has managed to secure many internship opportunities which have the potential to lead to jobs for program completers.  During the fall semester, John supervised his students in the rehabbing of a vehicle for a local VFW organization which had suffered damage to their trailer.  Mr. Ventura continues to keep this program at or above national standards for automotive and diesel technology education.”

Gunner Stone – Student, CCSD: Advanced Technologies Academy

“Gunner Stone is more than your typical high school student. High school students are expected to come into class, sit down, do work, then leave. Gunner does way more than what is expected of him. He comes into class leading a team of programmers and designers. Most importantly, he does not lead by forcing others to work. He instead creates a positive environment where we collaborate and are motivated to accomplish whatever task is at hand. He is what a leader should be.”


FEBRUARY 19, 2016
Kelly Gustafson and Frank Sakelarios – HOSA program: Carson High School

“Frank and Kelly have built a very successful Health Science program HOSA Chapter at Carson High School with over 300 members.  They have high expectations for their students and their program.  Students always rise to these expectations.  Their chapter has spent hundreds of hours on community service activities and members were greatly responsible for the success of the rural health clinic in the fall at Carson High.  Frank and Kelly have built a strong relationship with the Carson City Fire Department and local hospitals.  CHS and CHS HOSA is so fortunate to have these two devoted educators!”

Daniel Granados – Student, CCSD: Foothill High School

“Daniel is a great person! He was part of our fantastic band and has a grand plan for his life. He focuses on his education and each day he comes to the Career Center.  I helped him to begin his dream. One step at a time he did very well. I am so proud of him and wish him lots of luck with his future endeavors.”


FEBRUARY 18, 2016
Paula Lawrence – Industry Guest Speaker, Executive Director – Dress For Success Southern Nevada

“On January 29th, 100 students from Northwest Career and Technical Academy had the opportunity to dine in the banquet facility.  PACE, Culinary Arts, and Mechanical Technology programs sat and listened to the guest speaker, Paula Lawrence, Executive Director, Dress for Success Southern Nevada,  talk about proper etiquette when dining.  What is proper and what is not.  She shared a story about Henry Ford and his way of interviewing future candidates.  By taking them to a burger shop, he can determine if the candidate will be a good fit for his company.  Bottom line, you are always being watched, so present yourself as if you were on a job interview.”

Carissa Parsons – Student, Churchill  County High School

“Carissa Parsons has created outstanding promotional videos for our high school CTE programs, community awareness and public service announcements. She is a trainer and director in the production of “Bleed Green News.” This encompasses many required skills such as audio, videography, lighting, script-writing, scheduling, directing, and collaborating with talent and crew. She films school activities and creates various content for our ‘On-campus TV’.”


FEBRUARY 17, 2016
Katherine DeSimone – Counselor, CCSD – Southeast Career and Technical Academy

“Katherine is an exemplary example of a person who has passion for CTE. She believes CTE is the perfect component a student needs in their educational plan to be successful in school, post secondary education, and in life. She walks the walk and talks the talk! She promotes CTE by knowing the requirements and key components of programs offered and by understanding the roles of both the instructors and students to be successful. Katherine takes a lead role at SECTA with technology, student activities, the Ambassador Program, and serves as the SkillsUSA Lead Advisor and on the DECA Executive Board.”

Noah Ahmed – Student, CCSD – Northwest Career and Technical Academy

“Noah is a critical thinker! He demonstrates a positive work ethic and great integrity. When someone is struggling with a concept or task, he is not afraid to reach out and assist others. Noah demonstrates tremendous knowledge and skill on the computer and troubleshoots when he doesn’t understand something. He has mastered PowerPoint, Word, and Excel and also comprehends Google Docs, Slides and Sheets. During our Week of Code, Noah also explored various types of code work and continually acquires new technological skills, striving for workplace readiness.”

FEBRUARY 16, 2016
Rony Roberts – Educator, CCSD – Arbor View High School

“Ms. Roberts is one of the most dedicated educators that I have ever encountered. She is a solo teacher with well over 200 students and is an advisor for ProStart, Skills USA and FCCLA. Ms. Roberts is a prime example of what a CCSD educator should be.”

Nick Amerson – Student, Churchill  County High School

“Nick Amerson has created many excellent promotional videos for our CTE and other programs at our high school.  He is a trainer and director in the production of “Bleed Green News.” This encompasses many required skills such as audio, videography, lighting, script-writing, scheduling, directing, and collaborating with talent and crew. He’s a mentor for the younger students in helping them to prepare for SkillsUSA competition. He assists in recruiting students to our high school Video Production and Broadcast News productions.”

FEBRUARY 15, 2016
Roger Mayo – Educator, CCSD – Advanced Technologies Academy

“Not very often am I put in a stimulating, intellectual, real-life environment as a high school student. As I walk to Computer Science Advanced Studies every fourth period, I ephemerally take off the hat of the seemingly naive high school student and take on the helmet of a young professional, ready to develop each and every day.  My experiences in CS Advanced Studies, under the guidance of Mr. Roger Mayo, have helped spark my interest in computer science, something I perceived impossible in a school, instructional environment.”

Edmond Sadekoski – Student, Churchill  County High School

“Edmond goes above and beyond what is expected of him in leading, teaching and training his fellow students.  He is the president of our SkillsUSA chapter.  He trains and mentors students in the classroom in the more advanced skills of editing techniques and shortcuts. He is a trainer and director in the production of “Bleed Green News”. This encompasses many required skills such as audio, videography, lighting, script-writing, scheduling, directing, and collaborating with talent and crew. He’s a mentor for the younger students in helping them to prepare for SkillsUSA competition.  He films school activities and creates various content for our “On-campus TV”. He assists in recruiting students to our high school Video Production and Broadcast News productions.”

FEBRUARY 14, 2016
Rich Evans – Educator, Churchill County High School

“Mr. Evans has been a great instructor for many years. He truly loves what he does for a living and has built a great Automotive program at CCHS.”

Program –  CCSD :  Cosmetology Program at Southeast CTA

“Cosmetology is an outstanding program that prepares students with the knowledge and skills to successfully pass the Nevada State Board of Cosmetology Licensure Exam, engage in lucrative careers, and the means to pursue higher education and fulfill additional aspirations. It is an exemplary program that features a working salon environment which is open to the public, provides community service, has a strong business and industry partnership, and is active in SkillsUSA.”

FEBRUARY 13, 2016
Judith Pugmire – Educator, CSN – College of Southern Nevada

“Ms. Pugmire is an adjunct faculty member at CSN who goes above and beyond to support state certification for nursing assistants. Ms. Pugmire organizes and conducts test events at CSN in the evenings and on weekends, often availing herself on Sundays in order to meet the schedule needs of the students she serves.  She is a dedicated educator who always puts the Las Vegas Valley first.
Besides her work with CSN Ms. Pugmire volunteers regularly with a Veteran’s group and serves on the security patrol of her own senior’s community. We are honored to have Ms. Pugmire as part of our team!”

Rebecca Mills – Student, Churchill  County School District

“Exceptional Graphic Design Work.  Rebecca helped design artwork that will be placed in our new auxillary gym.   She also created Army Recruiting Posters for the United States Army.”


FEBRUARY 12, 2016
Denise O’Toole – Educator, CCSD – Clark County School District

“Denise has spent countless hours mentoring numerous FFA teachers. Her help to me has been absolutely priceless. To know that there is a teacher available to help me navigate the FFA, CTE, and CCSD world has been such a blessing – a real life saver.”

Jarred Williams – Student, Churchill  County School District

“Jarred is in an advanced drafting program that is scheduled with two lower level Drafting programs. Jarred has been a tremendous resource for the other students in the lower level courses. He conducts himself professionally and has been a great mentor to the other students.”

FEBRUARY 11, 2016
Scott Lautzenheiser – Educator, CCSD – Veterans Tribute Career and Technical Academy

“Scott Lautzenheiser is a great asset to VTCTA. As a forensic science teacher, and the department chair for all of our school’s programs, he constantly keeps students’ best interests in mind. Not only is he a fantastic teacher, who brings enthusiasm to the classroom, but he also brings with him a wealth of experience. Mr. L (as the students call him) works every weekend at the Office of the Clark County Coroner/Medical Examiner as a death investigator. His experience working with crime scene investigators allows him to share first hand experience and realistic job expectations for students who are interested in the career field. He should be recognized for his genuine dedication to students’ future success.”  

Program –  ECSD : Wells High School Agriculture Mechanics Technology Program

“Two Agriculture Mechanics Technology classes in Wells, NV donated “metal art” to the local Christmas Tree Festival.  Proceeds of this fundraiser are raised for the Wells Family Resource Center.  The cactus raised $510 and the sleigh and reindeer brought $280.  This project is something the classes have done for the past 3 years. It is a great opportunity for students to do a community service project while learning and practicing metal fabrication skills.  Students really take pride in what they do and enjoy displaying their work for the Community of Wells.”

FEBRUARY 10, 2016

Jason Klonicke – Educator, WCSD – Spanish Springs High School

“Jason is leading the Sports Medicine program at SSHS and has built it up to 350 students in 2 years.  He is constantly giving students real world experience with working athletic events, taking field trips, and competing for HOSA.  He is one of those teachers that students end up in his room to hang out and reap knowledge on their free time and is beloved by students and faculty alike.”

Jes Tews – Student, Churchill  County SD – Churchill County High School

“Jes Tews is the Churchill County FFA President and is constantly going above and beyond the call of his duties to serve the organization and his chapter.  He is a strong leader with great goals, an incredible work ethic, and dedication.  His leadership is paramount to the success of the chapter and is greatly appreciated by all in the chapter.”


FEBRUARY 9, 2016
Cindi Chang – Educator, CCSD – Southwest Career and Technical Academy

“Ms. Chang’s class continually impresses me with the quality, professionalism, and enthusiasm of their work. She helps students gain a deep understanding of Web Design and Computer Science as well as giving them room to create relevant and inspiring work. The products they create are genuine and creative and maintain the highest level of professionalism. Community partners gravitate to her class and her students for these reasons. Ms. Chang is on the edge of innovation with her program, her teaching style, and the products created in her classroom. She is knowledgeable, motivated, energetic, enthusiastic, and professional and it doesn’t go without notice. She deserves recognition for all she does in her classroom and helping to prepare students for the world beyond high school.”

Danny Vella – Student, CCSD – Basic Academy of International Studies

“Danny Vella is a sophomore at Basic Academy of International Studies. He is the President of DECA at Basic Academy and he works tirelessly with the officers to make sure they are accountable for their actions, while allowing them room to grow as leaders.  Danny has shown me and the DECA membership he is committed to having the best DECA chapter in the southeast region! Danny is always “present” in school or any activity he is involved in, he insists on getting the most out of his educational experience. Danny is not only a business minded student, but a boxer, and he is a wrestler for Basic Academy.”

FEBRUARY 8, 2016
Sara Quintana – Educator, CCSD – Rancho High School

“Sara is an incredible teacher. She constantly works with other departments on cross-curricular projects at Rancho. She organizes events for her students to be able to meet with and talk to professionals in the field of engineering. She even organized a day where first graders from Walter Bracken Elementary School walked to our campus and presented their seed project to our engineering students who then showed the first graders their hydroponic garden. Sara invited other departments in to showcase some of the great things we do at Rancho so the first graders could see all of the exciting things they will be able to do in high school. (We had our ceramics students spinning clay, medical students taking blood pressures, photography students taking pictures, and so on.) It was a great event. This is just one of many events that Sara organizes each year.”

Cailin Lopez – Student, CCSD – Southwest Career and Technical Academy

“Cailin is a talented designer with impeccable tailoring and patternmaking skills.  She is currently a 2015 Nevada medal award winner in Fashion Construction for FCCLA. Cailin also was a top ten finalist in the 2015 Fashion Forward competition, where she designed and constructed a custom garment against over 400 other students. Cailin is a member of our FIDM Fashion Club and a strong leader in Key Club.  She is often helping her peers when she is finished with her work.  She is a student aide and mentor for the junior sewing students.”


FEBRUARY 7, 2016
Phillip Dell & Clayton Stewart – Educators, CCSD – Rancho High School

“Rancho H.S. Culinary Program Cookbook: Dishes were prepared by Culinary students under the direction of Chef Dell.  All Photography, unless otherwise stated, was directed and shot by Rancho High School Digital Photography II & III students under the guidance of Mr. Stewart.  Culinary and Photography students worked together as teams throughout an intense two-week Food Photography unit.  Culinary students prepared and plated their dishes, while Photography students chose lighting styles and composition techniques to best display these works of art.  (Please contact the school for more information on this program’s cookbook if you are interested).”

Junior Education Students – Students, CCSD – East Career and Technical Academy

“The junior education students at ECTA have worked hard to plan, create and implement integrated curriculum lessons for our center-based lab school, Tiny Titans Preschool.  They opened the preschool last week with 15 preschoolers and have embraced this experience. They provide high quality learning experiences correlated to the State ECE standards.”


FEBRUARY 6, 2016
Denise Snow – Educator, CCSD – Silverado High School

“Ms. Snow is dedicated to providing her students with the most up to date material and provides them with real life skills and experience.  She is an exceptional co worker, always willing to help others and share her love for teaching.”

Lindsay Perea – Student, CCSD – Roy Martin Middle School

“Lindsay Perea is the Roy Martin Middle School TV Production set director. This is her second year in TV Production and she has taken charge of overseeing the Studio backgrounds and set decorations.  Lindsay came in over the summer to record the morning announcements for the first day of school.  She has dedicated her time to bring in the set material needed for every set change.  She has been recognized by the NJHS for being one of the students with the most community service hours in the school.  Lindsay also took charge of the Get Fit Challenge weekly announcements and has never missed a week.

She is deserving of this great recognition.  She is an excellent middle school student not only for the IB program for CCSD.  She is a true role model.”


FEBRUARY 5, 2016
Dennis Soukup – College of Southern Nevada

“Dennis Soukup and his faculty and students have developed a critical systems program in collaboration with SWITCH in southern Nevada.  SWITCH has agreed to hire CSN students as interns and this program will prepare HVAC technicians to work on critical HVAC systems similar to those found in installations similar to SWITCH.”

Colleen Glorioso: Student, CCSD – Northwest Career and Technical Academy

“Colleen is the nominee for CTE student of the month in Office Management. Colleen demonstrates business etiquette and skills that will be used in the “real world.” She recently completed the EverFi Financial Literacy certification program with TOP honors! Colleen scored perfect 10’s on each of the exit exams for the 9 different units of study. Colleen writes: “Everfi gave a new insight on how students can learn about financial issues and how to manage their money, especially when they are about to go to college.”


FEBRUARY 4, 2016
Traci Scichilone: Educator, WCSD – Reno High School

“Traci is a dedicated, self-motivated and enthusiastic employee, who brings knowledge, kindness and flexibility, as well as original ideas and real world experiences to the classroom. She teaches web design and CADD with an energy and enthusiasm that makes students want to learn more.  She continually explores innovative ways to instruct students by implementing state-of-the-art teaching techniques. In additional to the countless hours she spends preparing lessons and teaching students, Traci is always willing to assist and train colleagues and work with community members outside the regular school setting.  She is truly a gifted teacher and education professional.”

Marisol Amezcua: Student, CCSD – Rancho High School

“Marisol is the epitome of a turn around success story.  Marisol, a senior culinary III student went from a talk back, walk out, spit in your face kind of student, to a hard working, motivated, let me show you how it’s done, exemplary student.

During my time as Marisol’s instructor I have seen her grow personally and professionally. Marisol is the current President of SkillsUSA and has competed in the commercial baking category.

Due to her outstanding ability to decorate cakes, she was offered a job at Glazier’s market at the age of 15.  As she continues to climb the professional ladder, she will be attending the Art Institute of Las Vegas, where she will get a degree in baking and pastry arts.  She hopes to open her own high end cake shop soon.

I have no doubt that with her drive and motivation, Marisol will succeed in all of her endeavors.”


FEBRUARY 3, 2016

Shelly Kinnunen: Educator, CCSD – Rancho High School

“Ms. Kinnunen’s  EMS Program is recognized by the community as one that produces students that are ready for their careers as an EMT. She was recently published in the EMS1 publication as an innovative educator. Her students have gone on to the military, EMS programs and into the medical field.”



FEBRUARY 2, 2016
Tim Wenzel: Educator, CCSD – Desert Oasis High School

“Mr. Tim Wenzel goes above and beyond as our Furniture and Cabinet making teacher. He truly cares about his students’ safety and success. Mr. Wenzel has recently begun to utilize a GoPro camera in order to record his instruction to self-reflect and look for ways to refine his practice. He is also utilizing the GoPro to film certain skills and procedures so that they can be shown in the classroom setting and narrated over by him. This way all students are able to clearly and safely see what procedures they will be utilizing in the shop.”


FEBRUARY 1, 2016
Denise Cale: Educator, CCSD- Northwest Career and Technical Academy

“Denise Cale is our coordinator for the Hospitality and Marketing Program here at NWCTA. She gives countless hours of her time to help host various events throughout the school year. Without her, our hospitality students wouldn’t know how to graciously smile and serve the community, and the students and staff of NWCTA. Denise ensures that the students are properly trained for our Cafe. It’s amazing to see hundreds of students served daily in that successful Cafe setting! She is a dynamic teacher who always shares a positive approach to all her teachings; Denise is a true professional who certainly deserves to be recognized for her outstanding contributions to workplace readiness within the CCSD.”


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